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Are you the reason you are not where you ought to be?  Is you bank account deflated because of your own barriers?

Were you able to make all the money you wanted to make last year? Have you ever felt you that you've been putting more in than you're getting out?

I have some good news, and unfortunately some bad news. The good news you can change that, the bad news is you probably won't be able to change that doing more of what you have been doing. You business is like your car. It is a vehicle that requires ongoing maintenance and fuel to run to it's potential. Tires give traction, gas gives the energy, the oil keeps things moving smoothly-but the driver behind the wheel must steer the wheel and use the brake and gas pedal to maneuver.

I was recently listening to an old presentation from Dan Kennedy and Dan said that no matter who you talk to a certain segment of people are never going to acheive what they could because of two things.  They are pretty universal and I think he was right on. 

1. Lack of desire.  Some folks just don't want it bad enough.  They are not invested in having what is theirs enough to do what it takes.

2. They have something internal that will not let them past.  

I want to talk about #2.  The folks in #1 are hard to really work with because if they do not desire it in the first place then you really aren't going to get far trying to sell them on it.  The group in #2 are a different story. These folks, like many of us, are in a place where they are hindered by the baggage and the junk that they are carrying inside.  

I have an orchard.  21 or 22 fruit trees.  Most apple, 3 peach, a couple of pear, some cheeries, and a plum.  I love it. The fruit is wonderful and plentiful. We are continually giving apples away and begging people to come pick the trees before the freeze each fall.  But, that orchard is a great example of the barriers in all of us.

Each spring, I have to go out and prune those trees.  If I don't, they really get out of hand and the fruit is tiny, high up, and wasted.  Without constant pruning, the trees are left to their own whim to grow and entangle their branches.  It really isn't pretty.  Along our life, all of us, like those trees have had pruning or neglect to certain beliefs and attitudes.  Pruned, shaped, and nutured beliefs can need constant tending and care to produce the fruit that we desire.  Untended, these beliefs grow and get untamed and produce little. We must be willing to go into our own orchard to prune and nuture the trees that will produce only the best. Failure to do this will leave the unhealthy trees to sicken and damage the rest.

I have 2 pear trees.  3 years ago I nearly killed them.  I did not mean to, but I accidently infected them with fire blight and the wood started dying rapidly.  I had just pruned an apple that had a little of the virus.  Then I took those pruners and really went to town on the pear. Unknowingly, I was infecting this tree with every cut.  I nearly lost it.  I still might.  Because I was careless I had let a virus infect my pear.  I did not sterilize the pruners.  Now the tree is coming back but slow.

What have you allowed to enter into your belief orchard that has infected the trees?  Do you have friends and family that wonder what you are doing?  Tell you to just get a real job?  DO you hear the voices of the old coaches and team mates gode you about mis stes and failures?  These are infectious barriers taht unless we sterilize our pruners and cull them out will stand in the way of our every effort for success.

Finally, I have 3 cheery trees.  2 sour, one sweet (I think).  You see, one of those trees has never put on fruit.  It blooms at a different time than the other cheery trees and often in the same window as a late frost.  Even if it does not freeze, there must not be a pollenater tree near because it has never prodused a single cheery.  The only logical thing to do with it is the cut it off and start fresh.  It produces me nothing.  But I have known this for 6 years and yet it still stands.  Why?  Why do we continually hang onto beliefs and thoughts, attitudes and habits that produce us nothing and would be better to just have one single cut made and eliminate them from our life?  What are those foryou?  If you have not yet identified them, you are likely watering, fertilizing, mowing around it, and continually picking up the debri from it every year.  

True success comes as the result of over coming and mastering the inner self.  When you prune out the negative, you free yourself to begin achieving what was intended for all of us to achieve.  

I recorded a program I called As He Thinketh. It walks you through the core process of identifying and rewriting negative and overgrown affirmations/beliefs.  I want you to have it.  FREE.  Normally we sell this on CD for $14.95, but I am opening this guided affirmation session to you for free.  Just complete the form. You will receive an email with the URL for the file.

The link will only be open for public download until April 25th so don't hesitate.  


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