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There is no other CRM, email, web hosting software available that does all that SteadyTIDE does in one easy to navigate and use location.  SteadyTIDE was designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs knowing what was needed to make a business run and how to cut the time it takes to run it. 

Look through the links below. Each outlines a very specific type of feature that is embedded into the SteadyTIDE tool.  Use as many or as few as you require.  

Aside from the personal attention and guidance you will receive as your system is built, and the personal growth and success coaching available from Brett this is a list of some of the features you will be able to add to your business.

  • Accounting Software means that invoicing and bid development can be done inside the same system. Your clients can self pay for sessions, invoice balances, and events you hold.  Develop and distribute bids.  Run an online store with credit card and Paypal payment that communicates directly with your accounting software. No need to run 2 or even 3 different accounting systems.
  • Contact Management (CRM) with the ability to subdivide contacts into focus groups makes identifying and organizing customers and leads easy.  Tags allow you to place identifiers to contacts that hook them to projects, employees, products, etc.  You define the tags and control the sub groups. Everything in the platform is controlled by you.
  • Email Marketing campaigns and tracking provides you with a platform for the continual communication and interaction with your customers.  Email templates make creating eye catching and effective communication a breeze. Messages can be built ahead of time and scheduled to automatically send - either to an entire group or an individual.  Integrate your online presence in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and automatically send your message to all of your followers. You decide how often, and what you will send to what market, and all of it is reported through the social media analytics to keep you up on what messages are getting noticed and what messages or not.
  • Website Hosting with integrated click through tracking saves you the hassle of having a website in one location, email campaigning in another, and trying to get them all to talk to each other in a way that makes sense.  With tracking of your clients/customers activity in the website, you know when they are on, where they go, and what they are interested in. Knowing what times your contacts are viewing your content and what browser/devices they are using to access your site allows you to design your site and send your email so that they are targeted to the contact increasing response.   
  • Conversion Automation is the process of rewarding your customers and leads for engaging in the website.  Send them a special offer coupon when they read an email or when they access a specific webpage.  Automated interactions with clients and prospects make your job of keeping up your skill and expertise easier. You will never miss an opportunity to thank a prospect for interacting with you online presence.   
  • SMS Messaging and inbound information message hosting.  The mobile web and communication paradigm is here.  Over 40% of all web access is through the mobile device.  Text tops voice in the communication method of choice.  If your message is not getting out through these methods, are you sure it is getting out? Having the ability to schedule and send SMS messages to known clients, communicate with leads, and direct prospects to a message system where they can get more information with the pressure of a sales call will increase the likely hood of conversion.  All of this is part of the environment you will enjoy.
  • Event Scheduling and reminders. Do you schedule events for lead generation, hold seminars or sales events, or even set appointments with clients/customers.  Then you need this feature more than any other.  Taking fees for paid events, knowing how many are coming, or just having a system that automatically notifies the attendee of the event can increase attendance, decrease no-shows, and takes you out of the tricky business of asking for fees.  Worry about your message and not the business of the event. has that covered.

NEW!!! Direct Mail integration with CRM Automation.

Now you have the ability to send custom designed print mail from right within the system.  You decide who in your groups receives the mail, design your letter of postcard, and submit the project for delivery. The printer produces the piece and sends it to your contacts. Prices for the service are incredibly reasonable and getting something in the hand or your prospect can increase conversion like no email ever could.

In today's market there has never been a more critical time for a system like SteadyTIDE to get your message out to your market in a timely and consistent manner while saving you time and money. Having the systems of doing the work of customer communication for you allows you to do what it is you went into business for in the first place - to make money and live better.

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Why SteadyTIDE?

  • Website Hosting
  • HTML Source Editor
  • Email Marketing
  • E-store
  • Direct Mail
  • Surveys
  • SMS Notification
  • Team Coordination
    and so much more...