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Getting more out of your day is a matter of the right tools

A recent article ( opened with this, 

"People are trading in their work day for work moments –15 minutes here, 30 minutes there and you’re pulled here, then you got another 20 minutes, then it’s lunch, then you got another 15 minutes, then someone pulls you aside and asks you this question and before you know it it’s 5 p.m. And then you look back on your day and realize you really didn’t get anything done." — Jason Fried

It really is no surprise to many that the online transition of work, social, and leizure has had a dramatic impact on entrepreneurial, and worker, focus and procuctivity,  Having your entire friend list readily avilable at the click of a mouse has made social media alone a major distraction in the workplace.  Emails, text, meetings, and many other continual interuptions all pull down focus and attention in the work day.

SteadyTIDE is there to help.

Productivity tools in the SteadyTIDE platform all combine to make distraction and needless interuptions a workplace thing of the past.

Freid made these suggestion to minimize distraction to allow for extended creativity. 

     Set aside distraction-free work times.
     Find more efficient ways to communicate.
     Cancel meetings that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Utilizing tools in the SteadyTIDE CRM platform you can create an environment where employee productivity can flourish.

Social Collaboration.  

By setting up groups to in the CRM, Teams can have a collaboration chat forum where discussion between group members can happen without time consuming and energy sapping meetings.  Having an ongoing virtual meeting allows for participants to engage as they can and to not be distracted while in a creative flow.

Project Planner 

Creating and tracking projects is simple!  Assign tasks, set deadlines, veiw progress, and meet goals.  This will help teams and individuals stay focused and goal driven. 

Social Media

It is not news that Facebook tops the list of workplace time wasters.  But if your business thrives with social media presence, how do you allow it and not lose workers into the time sucking vortex that it is?  Simple!  Utilizing the Social Media integration, you can post, track, and analize yout SM presence without ever logging in.  Schedule posts, reply to posts, and see what is happening all from inside the SteadyTIDE platform.

Increasing workplace productivity and minimizing distraction is all about implementing tools. Tools that SteadyTIDE subscribers already have.

Helping you move from work to wealth with a SteadyTIDE of customer and profits.
Brett M. Judd Owner and CEO




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