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Mistakes Are The Gateway To Your Midas Touch

I have been reading The Midas Touch by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. It was recommended to me by my coach and mentor.

Kiyosaki addresses what I believe to be one of the greatest fallacies in the American education process, and one the stifles the success of millions yearly.  The fallacy - "It is not okay to fail."  Fail your math test, you are stupid, fail to win the game, you are a looser.  This notion that failure is weakness and a sign of your overall success is a plague to ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit. It may be the one driving factor that is crippling America. We are so clouded by the notion that we are number one that we have lost sight of the reality that failure makes us grow and become stronger IF it is used properly.

How can failure be leveraged for growth?  I believe there are 3 things that every entrepreneur must accept and o in the face of failure. Do these things and your will immerge stronger.

1. Learn from the mistake and analyze your critical thinking flaws or the flaws in your attack.

It may be that the goal was great but the execution was wrong.  This does not mean you scrap the whole thing, just pull back assess, regroup, and try again.

2. Honestly assess your own incompetence.

Failure is a great exposer of weakness and lack.  When it is seen as a gift, it can strengthen.  Take that feedback, get educated and start over.  

I am a passionate believer that to take the easy, safe route is failure.  TO take the hard road and struggle is success.  I stress this with my children.  Do not take regular classes.  Take the honors and advanced placement.  To receive a B or even a C in an AP class is better than an A in a regular.  You will be farther ahead in the long run.

3. Get a mentor or coach!  

Kiyosaki stresses this. No great athlete, musician, or even therapists (my profession by schooling) succeed without a mentor.  We all need someone who can correct us, cheer for us.  Scold us.  And at times console us.  Find a mentor that has already done what you want to do.  Pay them if you have to.  Learn from them and be their best student.  Failure to do this, could be the greatest failure.

I have heard it said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  To see the teacher is to recognize that we are incompetent and need additional support and education that will not come through hard work alone.  Look for failure, Be open to potential, assess your own weakness, and be ready to take the hard road.  You will be better for it.

By Brett M. Judd MSW Follow him at Google + at Google

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