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Interview with Brett M Judd MSW - ''Strategies for Better Success''
We can all make a change that could be the million dollar decision. The following is a portion of the transcript from an interview I recently did as part of an entrepreneurial success project.   Maybe it will unlock the million dollar barrier in your business. How do we work smarter and not harder? Simple.  Systematize, prioritize, and delegate. Young entrepreneurs are terrible delegators.  They think they have to do it all. The worst are those who are great technicians as ... Read more...
What are you doing for YOU?
Happy Birthday son. That's a great thing to here from your dad.  Especially on your birthday.  That is what he said yesterday when he called and chatted with me.  Then he went on to ask me, "what are you doing for you?  For fun? Amid all the writing and marketing and trying to get more clients, what are you doing for YOU?" Sad part was, I couldn't say.  I wanted to say that the writing and the thinking were for me.  I enjoy it, but it is still work.  I Read more...
Productivity and workplace distractions. SteadyTIDE tools increase productivity
Getting more out of your day is a matter of the right tools A recent article ( opened with this,  "People are trading in their work day for work moments –15 minutes here, 30 minutes there and you’re pulled here, then you got another 20 minutes, then it’s lunch, then you got another 15 minutes, then someone pulls you aside and asks you this question and before you know it it’s 5 p.m. And then you look Read more...
Have you systematized early? You should.
I was recently in a conversation with a start-up owner about the benefits of SteadyTIDE and the response was chilling and one that every start-up owner should consider.  When I discussed the suite of business organizing features and the way that a systematized operating system would enhance and streamline her business, the response was either a direct reflection of inability to sell SteadyTIDE, a nice brush-off because they were going another way, or, what seems to be the case more often than not, a co Read more...
Building A Business Or A Job
Are You Building A Business Or A Job? It has been argued by many success guru's that to build a business that can not stand alone without you is to only have built a job. For most entrepreneurs, this is likely the case.  Michael Berber in e-Myth Revisited clearly outlines how most small business owners were incredible technicians who had the urge to go it on their own, and now find that they are excellent technicians, bogged down by the stress and cares of running a business.  This can be th Read more...

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