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Being an Entrepreneur should not feel like begging.No Begging

Lets get real.  To make money as an entrpereneur, you are going to have to ask for money.  Two hallmark professions stand out as I considered this topic.  Both involve enterprising individuals standing or sitting on the street corner asking for money.  It is arguable which is truly the worlds oldest profession.

The fear of picking up the phone and asking a prospect to give you their money is the end to many very good businesses.  It does not have to and should not be the end of yours.  This 3 step guide to asking for money will end the chaos you feel when you apporach you prospects and customers.



1. You must beleive 100% in your product.

If you odo not fully beleive that the product you are selling is effective then you will never be able to honestly sale it to the prospects.  Sure we all know the crafty use car salesman, but most of us are not him.  We must convey a "spirit behind the word".  If we have any doubt, we will send that doubt in every sales approach.  Your prospects will sniff it out. You must believe 100% in the product you are providing.

2. You must have a price point that is both realistic and sustainable.

We had a product in our coaching and peak performance center that was powerful and effective.  I believed in it, but it was too expensive and too time consuming to adequately sale in the model we were presenting it.  There was no price point possible that would sustain our business and be apealing to the prospect.  Even though I loved the product, it had to go.  

3. You must beleive that you are not begging or "hooking" .

You are in business.  Your prospects are hopefully looking for your services or product.  You have a legitimate and worthwhile service and your community and niche need you.  To approach the prospect as a panhandler will put them off witha sense of neediness and deperation.  To be over bearing and pushy will seem a bit to forward.  In every business transaction you prospects will be expecting you to ask them for their money.  They new that when the called the office, entered your store, or clicked to your website.  You are not begging, but meeting their need.  You are not selling yourself, but providing a valuable and desired product that will benefit the prospects life.

When you, the entrepreneur overcomes these hurdles and embraces these truths, you are ready to step up and become the marketer. Great resource that will further expand on the power of relationship in increasing your bottom line is the free down load, 3 Rules TO Better Relationships.  It is availble at

By Brett M. Judd MSW Follow him at Google + at Google


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