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Monday Mindset - it is only as rough as you make it out to be.

Sorry for the late post.  It has been a whirlwind day.  Keys to the office left home and I'm standing on the porch as a client shows up.  Then I get a text and find out that I had ignored that little voice, you know the one, and I had not asked my son to leave the key to the car my wife needed this morning.  As my second morning client is coming in I am rushing out to get my son to school since I have the only keys.  And, as if that was not enough, a critical piece of equipment is in a town north of us in our second office and as I am rushing down the interstate there is this shudder, a stall, a very loud and jolting breaking of something, and I am on the shoulder.  Turns out the front drive in the All Wheel Drive Van had decided to end its life. 

Here is where the Monday lesson comes in.  This is the 4th one of these I will have replaced in this van in 5 years.  The van is getting on in years, but it still runs and I do not believe in getting an auto loan just because.  The cost to repair and to insure is less on this serviceable vehicle than to by a newer one.  But that is not the message.  Here it is.  You see, I could have gotten upset and been all bent out of shape by this.  I could have counted the dollars, the hours, the lost trip and the missing equipment and had a real come-apart right there, but why?  What would it have profited me?  

That question, What will it profit me is a powerful life mantra that can alter your very course of prosperity.  When asked in regards to every emotion and relationship or interaction, "What will it profit me? becomes a behavior changing phrase.  And profits no one and focusing on the lack only moves you to the lack.  What would it have profited me to have a fit there on the side of the road or stew on it as I limped it all home?  Nothing.

By staying focused and channeling the positive flow of energy allowed to us all, I stayed calm, realized that since I had changed this 3 times previously, I know the procedure well (I also still do some of the mechanic work, because I can) and saw that as it turned out i was stopped directly across from an emergency vehicle turnaround in the interstate median.  I know, "Emergency vehicles only". Well, I was in a vehicle and this was an emergency.  The traffic on the interstate broke and I was able to cross over to the southbound lanes.  Going 15 miles per hour, i made the 20 mile trip to my home, parked the van and then realized that the key to the only vehicle at the house was now with my wife, at the office.

Well, there is always an adventure when you let life be one.  Never let your focus be on the lack.  No one wants to be there.

By Brett M. Judd LMSW Follow him at Google + at Google


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