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SteadyTIDE 60-Day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

We pay you back every penny you have spent on SteadyTIDE if you have not increased your bottom line by at least double the subscription rate within the first 60 days of subscribing.*

How do you leverage SteadyTIDE to bring in AT LEAST DOUBLE your subscription rate every single month?

  1. After uploading your contact list, subdivide it into microgroups, built around similar purchasing history, needs, interests, services, prospect maturity, etc.
  2. Keep current and prospective customers/clients engaged through integrated email/social media/print campaigns tailored to each microgroup, consistently delivering a focused message  fine-tuned to their specific needs/desires.
  3. Nourish past clients/customers and gather vital feedback on business/product performance through email/print campaigns which utilize surveys. Reward them for their gift of feedback by utilizing SteadyTIDE's conversion automation system to reward them with coupons and specials designed to bring them back and or to share with friends and family.
  4. Fully deploy other SteadyTIDE tools including online sales, ticketing, event scheduler/notification and tracking analytic systems to maximize your business's growth potential.
  5. You can further guarantee your success by fully learning and utilizing SteadyTIDE marketing principles as taught in the monthly webinars, "Load and Launch" email campaigns, and other resources found in the Member's Only Vault.
  6. Smile as you watch your expenses (including Tylenol headache mitigation and anti-anxiety medication costs) fade away when you discover you can eliminate now-unnecessary bills for web hosting, email marketing, electronic surveys, CRMs, card printers, eCommerce shopping carts and more, because these are already included in your monthly SteadyTIDE subscription, with unlimited use!

*if youyou have fully implemented the SteadyTIDE Business Management and Marketing tools.

In today's market there has never been a more critical time for a system like SteadyTIDE to get your message out to your market in a timely and consistent manner while saving you time and money. Having the systems of doing the work of customer communication for you allows you to do what it is you went into business for in the first place - to make money and live better.

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Why SteadyTIDE?

  • Website Hosting
  • HTML Source Editor
  • Email Marketing
  • E-store
  • Direct Mail
  • Surveys
  • SMS Notification
  • Team Coordination
    and so much more...