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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Organize and track your client movement

What is CRM?

CRM, commonly known as Customer Relationship Management, enhances your marketing efforts with effective communication with current and potential customers. CRM can be imperative as you grow your business!  It uses technology to organize and automate processes for customer engagement and tracking. That means information about customers, their browsing history, email interaction, social media activity and any other trackable data.   Bottom line - if you want to convert more leads into customers, you must have an effective CRM.

Keep track of all interactions with every contact, including emails sent, social media interaction, events attended, and any notes you want to take.

Complete Marketing Automation

Your CRM works directly with tools to save you time and ties in to your storefront, analytics, forms, and more.
  • Instant feedback from Email, Mobile, and More - The SteadyTIDE CRM shows you realtime information about your contacts, wherever they are.
  • Built-in IMAP Email Integration - Keep your CRM in sync with your inbox! Works just like your smart phone to keep up with your one-to-one email communication.
  • Keep Track of Payments - Send invoices and track payments from your clients.
  • Sales Pipeline Management System - Assign scores to your webpages to give them importance.
  • Track Website Visitors - Track the activity on your website from anyone in your CRM.
  • Much more!
CRM Activities Panel


CRM with SteadyTIDE - the perfect combination!

With SteadyTIDE, you can build your database and manage your contacts all from one easy to use web based software. CRM tools help you keep track of all interactions with each contact, including emails sent, events attended, and any notes you want to take. Create as many custom user-defined fields for each contact as you would like. With SteadyTIDE, you can automatically connect your inbox to your CRM with our IMAP integration.

Creating a client relationship can be the most important tool for your sales team. Integrating CRM into your targeted email marketing campaigns will allow you to identify potential leads. Tracking these leads, your sales team will be able to quickly and efficiently move them through the sales funnel. When combining email marketing with CRM, you have a powerful sales and marketing tool. Some of the benefits include boosting lead generation, improving services and increasing sales. Using CRM to log all email communications enable your team to create specific and targeted messages to any and all leads. By placing the right message in front of the right lead, the probability of converting leads into sales substantially rises. Your CRM solution will enable your sales team to discern and act upon opportunities to upsell products and services to current customers.

SteadyTIDE is your Solution

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Why SteadyTIDE?

  • Website Hosting
  • HTML Source Editor
  • Email Marketing
  • E-store
  • Direct Mail
  • Surveys
  • SMS Notification
  • Team Coordination
    and so much more...