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Are You Building A Business Or A Job?

It has been argued by many success guru's that to build a business that can not stand alone without you is to only have built a job.

For most entrepreneurs, this is likely the case.  Michael Berber in e-Myth Revisited clearly outlines how most small business owners were incredible technicians who had the urge to go it on their own, and now find that they are excellent technicians, bogged down by the stress and cares of running a business.  This can be the death to business and finds the skills and exhausted technician right back where they were in the beginning - working for someone else.

How does a job become a business, and more importantly, why does it matter?

Most small business owners find that they have great skill in a specific area.  They are passionate about it and they feel that they can do well on their own in the marketplace.  This is when the reality strikes and the pressure to perform really gets them down.  Running a business is far beyond the work.  It is the marketing, the bookkeeping, the ever constant management of costs and concerns.  Being a technician is about the task, the production, that one singular act where the expertise lies.  After a time this becomes so buried that it is no longer a loved act.

Building a business is the creation of something bigger than and surrounding the task which first caused the entrepreneurial quest.  It is why successful entrepreneurs can seem to have no connection at all with the task, and have thriving enterprises.  To run a business requires that the technician be set aside and the manager surface.  A thriving business is built on the ability to bring in equally qualified technicians to do the work.  If this is not the case you have created a job with additional stress that no other job would have ever brought to you. 

The biggest test is to determine if the business would still bring in income if you took vacation.  A job will not, a business will.

3 Ways To Turn A Job Into A Business

1. Scripts.  A business thrives on scripts and manuals.  To the technician, the idea od scripting the "art" of the job is mortifying but to the business owner it is vital.  Every aspect of the business must be scripted in order for it to run without you at the helm continually.

2. Hiring the right people for the right job.   Napoleon Hill said that he would rather hire an untrained worker than an educated person.  He went on the state that the untrained worker is capable of learning what the educated can not or will not.  Berber says that businesses must learn to hire the least qualified person and train them to do the job as you desire it.  This saves you money as the highly qualified candidate will expect high fees, and saves you the aggravation of retraining the learned. Train your replacement to do the work as you would have if it was you with the client.

3. Create continuity and automation in your product.   Nearly all businesses can create some form of continuity and automated income stream into their product offering.  Being creative and establishing a viable product can be as simple as a $15 a month members club for reduced fees on services or receipt of a monthly coaching CD/newsletter.  Restaurants can offer a lunch club and give discounts for prepaid membership to the group.  Florist could do the same for a weekly flower delivery or monthly bouquet.  It really comes down to the creativity and ingenuity you employ.  Loyal customers will gladly enroll in a paid group/club for specials and discounts and you have the money in advance.  It does not take many members to see a very nice boost to the bank account on a regular monthly basis.  To SteadyTIDE users the plus is that this functionality is already part of your store in every website.

No matter what you do, finding ways to step out of the business of being a technician is the only way to fully realize the joys of owning a business.   

Wishing you a SteadyTIDE of customers and profits,

Brett M. Judd MSW



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