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Every SteadyTIDE account comes with an easy and helpful Ticketing Program

Tickets are a great way to allow customers to initiate support requests, for prospects to request information packets or contact, and for team members to communicate with each other in the project development process. 

Never drop another sales lead or customer communication again. Once activated, the ticket is automatically sent to the responsible party.

Tickets Save Time, Create Trust, And Generate Leads

A powerful ticketing system can be the difference between a satisfied customer or a missed opportunity.  No longer will a sales request go unnoticed in the email or a support request be unanswered.  Satisfied customers who need support can simply fill out a ticket and within the time frame parameters you set, the request is handled by your team or if it is not picked up, the ticket is sent to anyone on the team for instant action.

Instead of putting sales leads into a generic email that can easily get buried or worse sent to spam, add a "request more info" ticket on the sales landing page.  Tickets are sent directly to the sales staff and are easily tracked for compliance and response.  



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  • Website Hosting
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  • Team Coordination
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