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If you are not getting rejected in your marketing, you are not trying hard enough.

Success in business is more often the ability to overcome our own fear that we will be rejected.  Most often, leads and customers are not rejecting US, they are rejecting the message or the product.  It is imperative that message and self are separated if you want to succeed in business and marketing.  

In a good marketing campaign you are going to make some angry that you bothered them, others annoyed but curious, and fewer interested in your message.  A well crafted campaign is going to entice more than it annoys but none are going to draw 100% response.  Even a 25% response would be incredible.  So the notion of being safe or cautious in your message is really only a buffer to your own fear of rejection.

1. Get a message that speaks directly to your target market,

2. Be, sure you are aware of the target market.  Who are you trying to get to come in?

3. Be interesting.  The "noise" of marketing and message is so loud that you must somehow break through it.

4. Be consistent.  We often refer to one off, inconsistent marketing as "stab and Grab".  Just sticking it out there and hoping to get something.

Good marketing is like fly fishing not chumming.

Anyone who has ever fly fished will understand that success comes from using the right fly, in the right water,s and for the right fish.  Just like our marketing messages, we must have the right message, to the right target audience.  If I was unconcerned about what i caught, I could easily put any old bait on a hook and hope for the best.  In effective and cost efficient marketing, you want to be sure that your fishing in the right waters with the right fly.  Even with the best fly, I have been skunked.  Just meant the fish did not want what I was offering THAT DAY.  

Just because our message was unheard on the first stab, does not mean it was unheard.

I'll explain. I was fly fishing in a beautiful clear mountain lake many years ago and had an old and wise trout teasing my fly.  That fish would follow the bait to within feet of me before it flicked away and disappeared.  The old fish had seen many a fly and fisherman and was interested but leery.  If my message was not enticing enough, it would not have bothered to rise out of it's hole and follow.  I just needed to persevere and continue to shift my message.  After numerous casts and repeated changing of my fly, I finally landed that fish.  If that had been a business prospect, it would have been a very successful landing and to get a lead to convert to customer takes the same amount of work as that fish did.  

At we offer the most comprehensive platform of message delivery and lead capture available in the CRM market.

Combining all of the following makes getting your message out easier and more efficient than ever before.  

- Direct mail

- Email

- Websites and landing pages

- Opt-in Forms

- Drip campaigns

- Tracking lines for telephone messages

- CRM reports and COMPLETE tracking of all responses

Having all of these in one easy to use location makes conversion automation easier than ever thought.  

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