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Every SteadyTIDE account includes CRM and integrated calendar and event management

Events bring awareness to your company, promotes goodwill and introduces you to potential new leads. Incorporating a CRM system into your event helps you and your sales team target and track leads that could turn into sales. Here are a few ways you can maximize your event by utilizing CRM in your event management system.

Complete Event Management System

Our customers are using SteadyTIDE's event system and calendering to schedule everything in their business. From Webinars and sales seminars, to clients meetings and counseling sessions.  Every event you manage can be customized to handle attendance, registration, and payment.  With easy calendar integration, event reminders, and easy check-in tools, SteadyTIDE can help your event staff make running your events a snap!

 Build You Event with simple fill in scheduler that automatically notifies your past attendees of the future event.  

Set your fees, Post your location, and more with the event detail page.​

The Events Attendance tab shows your who is attending, who has not responded, and tallies the collected finds. Easily send reminder emails to the group and boost registration.

Builds your check in form automatically 

The event builder creates a registration URL that you can email directly or embeb as a link inside an event landing page.  No more phone calls and emails note and hand creating your registration list.  Everything is done inside the registration system. 

Reminder Emails and Texts

Keeping your attendees aware of and excited for the event is simple.  The system will automatically sens a reminder message to them on the schedule you determine and once they have registered, you can have and auto responder email campaign begin to increase their likely hood af attending.

Using this for a sales event or party?  Build your auto responder to educate the attendees on your product before they ever arrive.  Tell you guests what to expect and how to get there.  There really is no end to how you can use the system.

Availablitiy Calendarm

If you want to have some flexability in your appointments and allow clients to schedule themselves, let SteadyTIDE act as your own personal assistant.Clients can look at your available times, select a slot and identify the type of meeting it is.  The scheduler will event collect fees for you if there are any. 

Follow Up Surveys

After the event, the system can automatically send a survey from the survey builder to act as an event evaluation.  These are easy to build and can be as simple or dynamic as you desire.  Like everything, once it is built SteadyTIDE's automation takes over.  


Revive Old Leads

If you met someone at one of your events that is interested in your product or service,but just isn't ready to buy, set yourself or your team reminders to follow up at a later date,so the lead doesn't go dead.

Lose fewer leads by automatically adding event attendees into post event groups and E-Mail drip marketing campaigns. 

Incorporating CRM into your event management system not only keeps you organized, it helps your sales team to effectively follow up and keep track of potential leads.


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