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Are Your Prospects Hunting But Not Able To Find You?lookingEasy

I thought that it would be a fairly understood component of business - "make it easy for the customer to buy what you are selling".

That was, until I went looking for some addresses today to send a sales letter too. 

Now, I understand taht you may not want to have your mail box loaded with sales letters, but what if it was a check, a request for information, anything?  When I really decided to make this post was when I was looking for the address for two gymnastic centers to mail information about our NeuroFitness process of training the brain. One had no website and the address was posted on their Facebook page.  The other had no address anywhere on the website.  I had to use yelp to get their address. These are physical locations where clients come to attend gym events.  How can you exprect to do business in a physical space without adding your physical addresss to the front of your webpage?

Here are some things that we believe should be front and center somewhere one the main landing page for your business.

1. Address - physicall address where mail and communication can be sent.

2. Phone Number - there needs to be a a way for the interested person to ask questions and get support. 

3. eMail, Text Number, Fax, or other forms of contact availability.

4. Easy to understand instructions on how to buy your product.  Simple step by step process to guide them into giving you their money.

Never leave the customer wondering how to reach you are buy your product.  In the current day of multiple sources and active online competition, you do not want to be left hiding.  They are not going to hunt that hard. 

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By Brett M. Judd MSW Follow him at Google + at Google



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