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A Tale Of Two Vehicles.  Which one are you?STBMW

For many years I drove a 1982 Jeep Scrambler CJ8.  I love it.  It is fun, stable, semi-reliable, useful, incredibly diverse in its ability, and it had a personality that had jointly become mine.  Many people still see me and ask "Do you still have that old Jeep?"  

The Jeep was a reflection of who I felt I was/am.  Stable, dependable, and a distinct image.  The Jeep has a very purposeful place in life, and I have used it for trail rides, hunting, daily commutes, and just fun.  It is the Get 'er Done vehicle that always seemed to do just that.

A year ago, I had the chance to buy a car that I have wanted since it was introduced.  When we were first married, Gina and I drove a 1972 Fiat Spider. Impractical, finicky, fun, and single purpose, that car was a joy to have.  When BMW introduced the Z3, I was in love again.  Stylish, eye-catching, sporty, and just plain fun.  The near polar opposite of the Jeep. CJloaded

Both turn heads,  Each are effective at moving me from one place to another, but the BMW will never take me places the Jeep can, and the Jeep will never move as nimble and crisp as the BMW.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we have to realize which one are we, the nimble, fast, quick reflexed sport car, or the powerful, low geared, dig in and get the work done workhorse of the Jeep.  They are both invaluable, and each needs its own special care.

I noticed after a while the the BMW was sluggish, unresponsive in lower RPMs. and had dropped in its fuel economy.  It was almost hard to drive and frustrating when I wanted that pop and sprint.  The high performance engine requires high grade fuel, the filters and spark plugs must be fresh if I want it to be responsive.  Not unlike the mind of the person running the daily oporations and developing the vision for your company.  When the slightest contaminant comes into your world, i.e.. stress, illness, anxiety, depression, failure it can send the entire emotional and mental focus out of balance and tune.  

The Jeep on the other hand had not near as finicky a system as the BMW.  I few turns of a screwdriver and a couple hours of tightening every now and again seemed to keep that thing moving for another week.  By no means high performance, but a true faithful workhorse for sure.  

The entrepreneur often finds themselves in the mixed experience of having to be a cross over between the two, of more like jumping from one to the other in a fast and furious pit stop.  There are some things that you can do to increase your effectiveness. They are -

1. Just like the BMW, you body and brain need high octane, clean fuel.  The Jeep could almost run on pond water.  Your brain and abilities to run the business need you to feed it like a high performance sport car.  Only the best. Discover what works best for you and stick with it. Don't forget that the brain (the key to your success) is 66% saturated fat and the covering over the neurons is cholesterol.  If you neglect the eggs and the butter, you are headed for depression, brain fog, and stress.  

2. Remain strong and flexible.  One thing that dramatically serrates these two vehicles is their suspension.  The BMW is tight, rough on poor surfaces, and can corner with ease.  The Jeep is bouncy, and while it does not corner at high speeds well at all, it can stretch over boulders and twist and flex to the shape of the terrain it is on like it was made of putty.  Be like the Jeep, Flexible, strong, with powerful grip to focus energy. Yoga, running, lifting weights all add to your agility.  Neglect it and you will find yourself upside down in a gully.  

3. Keep you Oil Changed.  This one is true for each of these.  If the oil breaks down the whole system is in danger of collapse. Keeping a fresh supply of lubricant in the engine will ensure that it has the power to perform whenever you ask.  Sleep, reading,meditation, and relaxation are all ways to change the oil.  We use neurofeedback as a way to deeply tune and focus the brain.  It is similar to hooking the BMW to a diagnostic computer and tweaking it in order to keep the engine running it top condition. The Jeep had no such tool and had to be slowly finessed into tune. NeuroSpa session maintain a bright, stress free, responsive mind to handle the many boulders and washouts you will face as an entrepreneur.

Dedicated to ensuring a SteadyTIDE of customers and profits,

Brett Brett

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By Brett M. Judd MSW Follow him at Google + at Google


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