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I was chatting with a friend over the weekend who has a very good weight loss product and was seeing success with the business.  Now less than a year in, he is dumping everything.  What had been wholesaling for $11 a bottle is now out the door at 100 for $100.  He has 9000 left.  I was amazed when I asked if he was interested in staying in if he could get someone to market the product for him.  He had stated he was too busy and too tired.  To the marketing inquiry he said. "I just want out. Too much on my hands."

How many times have you seen yourself with the potential to make a significant living with the freedom you long for but then find that you just don't want it enough. The true mark of success it not measured in the bank account or the number of sales you make, although those make it easier. The true measure of success is if you have held on through the roughest times and worked the hardest you could.  Anything short is failure. Failure to keep your word to your self, your family, your customers, and to your future.

If my friend had taken the bait, I was willing to put the  marketing and information distribution power of SteadyTIDE to work and take over the distribution and manage the marketing of this product.  I believe that it is a good product with real potential in a market that is always looking for the next great thing.  My friend illustrated what I think is the greatest folly of most failed entrepreneurial endeavors.  He was unwilling to go the next round when the going gets tough and the real work begins. Starting out on a wave of excitement and hope is easy, but lasting through the next phase of building and developing a profitable business takes serious commitment.

Recently, I listened to a presentation given by the founder of Travelocity and Kayak.  He said that in every business there are three teams that will need to be leveraged.  

First is the creation team.  The bright minds and energetic players who can manage the details and get the plan laid out.

Second are the muscle.  This team takes the plans laid out by the creators and powers it forward into a viable and working product.

Third are the runners.  These are the folks who are in it for the long haul.  They have the legs and energy to take the business into the future.

One thing that was really laid out is the fact that a good business entrepreneur will recognize the teams for who they are and when they are needed and not get sentimental as they transition.  To know what you are good at and play that role well is vital to the success of the business.  I friend of mine posted today, "get a paper pusher to do the books.  You need to make it rain - be the rainmaker.'  That is exactly what every business owner needs to do.  Make it rain.

What are you good at and are you in it for the long haul, or the short run?  Knowing your strength in the business will help you define who needs to be on your team.  Then you can do what you are good at, while the team does the rest.


P.S. Another great thought credited to the founder of Amazon. "Never have a committee so large you can not feed them with two pizzas."  

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By Brett M. Judd MSW Follow him at Google + at Google


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