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Business is hard, and there are challenges at every turn.  Any good coach will tell you this.

This video illustrates one of the fundemental truths to success, whether it is in business or life - 

There Is Always A Way.

Whenever you set your mind on something remember, there have always been and always will be doubters, but you do not have the luxery of doubt if you want the business and dream to succeed.

Like the kidsin the video, What are you lacking? Where can you get it? What do you desire?

Define that and you have defined some of the key elements to starting a great business.  Then when the rains come and you realize you have been playing outside of your element, take off you shoes, get in touch with your business roots, and win.

Have you downloaded our Business Relationships Success Handbook yet?  It gives you the building blocks to creating a powerful and lasting relationship with your customers.  Get it here -

By Brett M. Judd MSW Follow him at Google + at Google



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