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One question that I have repeatedly been asked as I have worked to get SteadyTIDE ready to go is "who is it for"?

The easy answer is, ANY BUSINESS that wants to integrate all of the components of running a business in the modern world. But more specifically...

SteadyTIDE is for the business owner that understands the value of one on one personal attention and connection with their clients and understands that only through timely targeted messages can a relationship be developed.

One thing I learned quickly when we started our counseling office, and especially once we added the neuro-balancing service, is that NO ONE WANTS OUR PRODUCTS!!  That was a hard thing to learn, but the faster I learned it the faster we began to see growth.  Our clients are not interested in receiving counseling or the most advanced form of brain wave balancing neuro-feedback there is.  They could care less if Gina practiced the most validated form of couples counseling, or that I had spent six years teaching relationship and parenting as a University Faculty member.  What mattered most and continues to matter in the success of that business is the relationship.  Before they were ever going to open their wallet to our services, they had to know us. Whether through the web page, blogging, seminars and open houses the fact remained that our clients came to us once they gained a relationship with us or were referred because of the relationship we had made with someone else.

What I then began to realize about developing a steady tide of clients and profits, was that I had to have a way to nurture that relationship before during and after the sale.  Yeah, I also had to realize that even as a social worker, I was in sales.  The moment I asked for money in trade for my product - me - I had entered the noble world of a salesman.  Not something they taught in grad school.

So SteadyTIDE was created as a way to nurture and further the relationships I was spending countless hours trying to develop.  I had lost numerous leads after a sales seminar because I did not have an effective way of capturing those attendees and following up with their needs once I went back to the regular work. So there is an integrated events planning/registration/notification system built in that captures attendees information, supplies the attendee with information and materials before the event, and a drip message system that  feeds them with more information nurturing the relationship after the event.  The event planning system also allows for the taking of payments for paid events.  This was vital since I often do training events requiring the payment of fees for attendance.  Now I do not have to be a collector and presenter, I can focus on my message and the development of the relationship.

I also found that I had to have a system that allowed me to know who was reading my emails, who was going to the website, and what products were the most desired.  SteadyTIDE has a tracking and analytics systems to integrates email, web, survey, and eCommerce so that I know who is viewing what, when, and with what platform.  Knowing these things allows me to tailor my message and my media to fit the viewing/reading time of my prospects and format it to fit their device.  I can even reward repeated viewers for their interaction with instant emails containing coupons, or a redirect to a web page offering them a special offer for being a loyal follower.  

Giving your customers the ability to give feedback is also a vital component of the relationship development process.  Leads and customers need to feel that they are part of the process and not just their to pay you.  Building and distributing surveys is an easy way to let customers tell you what they want, how your doing, and what they experienced.  Surveys can be a vital information gathering process to guide your work and what you offer.  

Having all of these systems integrated into one application and having them all communicate with each other has been the greatest asset I could have ever hoped for.  We had tried merging survey systems, email marketing and lead capture apps, and analytics, but combining the several systems was 1. expensive, 2. cumbersome, and 3. just did not work.  Now I can work from one location and one application and distribute my message and get immediate feedback regarding the success and conversion of my message.

In building the SteadyTIDE platform, I decided to offer a simple deal.  You try it for two months.  Apply ALL the features and actively integrate the system into your business.  IF, and I do stress the if, you have not seen a growth in your bottom line in savings from unneeded external services or in just the simple growth that the systems will provide, I will pay you back you 2 months subscription rate.  Simple. When we dropped the subscription for surveys, email marketing, and pulled our web hosting into this one location, we saved over $150 A MONTH.  We also saw a surge in our December 2012 profits by $3000 just from a couple of the systems SteadyTIDE offers and the marketing "Load and Launch" strategies.  I am confident that even if the profit margian is not there that the convenience and ease of running a business from one central application will mare than make up for it.

Give it a try.  Go to and click any of the Join Now links.  You really have nothing to lose but extra bills and stress over running your business. 


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