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I will not make resolutions  -  and here is why.

Statistians tell us that on average a resolution lasts about 2 weeks.  It really does not take a group of scientists to figure this out.  Just go to any gym or yoga class in January.  You know your hard core regulars are looking for anyother loation until February when the Resolutions fade away.  Listen to any radio station and you will instantly know when "Black Friday" is for the weightloss and workout industry.

Resolutions fail because they are designed to fail.

Really?  We design our resolutions with the wrong aim.  Because of this we never acheive the success and change that we had hoped to.

Earl Nigthingale said it brilliantly "We move toward that which we think about most" and resolutions are focused on the wrong thing. The lack or the fear.

Most resolutions are about a specific target or end.  Take weight.  When the goal weight is not coming in the designated or desired time, the inner perception is failure.  The resolution is thrown out, and the whole process is a bust.  The desire was not the problem the goal was.

Remember - What you think about most is where you will move toward and ultimately what you will receive.

To Look Better Naked - Affirming the true desire

Ask anyone desiring to loos weight and they will ultimately tell you that they want to be thinner, healthier, or look better naked.  This is what the resolution should say. Not - "I will weigh x by x!" you have no control over that.  What we are in total control over though is our true desire.

If I set my sights on a great beach body for an upcoming vacation then that is what I need to look for. If I focus on the lack of speed or the image infront of me now, I will never have the energy. Can you imaging getting on a plane in which the pilot kept his focus on the current location or worse the departure and not the destination.  You cannot achieve success looking at today or the past.

What have you locked onto or believe?

There is no way that we will ever acheive success if we are still holding onto old beliefs and attitudes.  If I am so focused on a desired scale reading, like 200 pounds for me and I am working out, lifting weights, and the scale wont budge, I may be locked onlt faulty beliefs.  Maybe I am not supposed to weight 200 pounds.  We must rethink what we believe to be true and make the end result our cheif aim.

Knowing that muscle weigh more than fat in less space can really make stepping on the scale apealing when I have not lost any pounds but I am down 3 pant sizes.  What you believe you acheive

Do not limit yourself with specifics.  

Make your resolutions about outcomes and desires, not specifics.   What if I set my finacial goals to earn $150,000 dollars this year and by August I had acheived it, or each month I knew that I only needed to earn $12,500.  My inner motivation and self talk will stop the minute I reach that target mount no matter that it is the 1st or the 3rd week of the month.  I will only be motivated to acheive what i have set my aim to acheive.

Set your desire to be about the feeling or the outcome.  "I resolve to be able to do anyactivity I desire without loosing my breath." ""I resolve to earn enough money to live freely, debt free, and content."  These resolutions are easily measurable and attainable but have no limiting factors and no barriers.  

Whatever you resolve for the coming year may it be the greatest year possible.

When I was a kid I was taught the phrase, "it is better to aim at the sun and miss than a pile of manure and hit it." What are you locked onto?

Remeber - Mindset matters. What you set your mind to you receive.  Make it great.

By Brett M. Judd LMSW Follow him at Google + at Google


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