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New Years Resolutions have a success rate of less than 2 weeks.  

No major lasting lifelong change can be achieved by writing down a few desires - wishes - and launching in with vigore.  In the end, the majority of all resolutions go unfulfilled and the writers become resolute to complacency and failure.  A true change must come from inner change and a daily focused mindset.

Here is my sure fire success plan for 2014.  

I Will Not Write Another Resolution Ever!!  And neither should you.  

I can hear it now, "But Brett, how can that be and how will I ever succeed?"  

Simple.  Steven Covey talked about Sharpening the Saw.  Napoleon Hill is often heard discussing identifying your "Cheif Aim" and creating a Master Mind effect.  Earl Nightingale popularly made the quote "We move toward and become like (and receive) that which we think about most."  Unless you are sharpening your mental saw, identifying your cheif aim, and assessing what it is that you think about most on a daily basis you will never succeed.

To assist myself this year and to make your coming year even greater, I have created a very focused yet simple Daily Success Performance Evanluation.  It will only take a few minutes to complete. When you make the personal committment to sacrifice what ever you must to achieve your cheif aim this will become the most important few minutes you take everyday. You can download the Performance Eveluation HERE.  Below is a sample of the content.  

6. Place a checkmark next to these key success indicators that you achieved today:

a.Planned or completed Date Night for this week.                                              ___

b.Wrote a daily Success Note for your customer/clients.                                    ___

c.Sent random motivational text messages throughout the day.                          ___

d.Made a mid day call to key clients.                                                               ___

e.Planned for or completed a quarterly success retreat.                                     ___

f.Held a daily “Success Council” meeting with key partners.                               ___

g.Had at least 15 minutes of “Personal Reflection” last night.                             ___

Even if you completed just these Key Indicators every day it is likely that your success in life and bussiness your rise exponentioally.  When you answer the complete Performace Evaluation you will see rapid growth in all eares of life.

May this coming year be the greatest year yet.  When I was a kid I was taught a simple little phrase.  It is as true today than it ever was then. "The 10 two letter words to live by - If it is to be, it is up to me"

Success is up to you.  How successful will you be?

By Brett M. Judd LMSW Follow him at Google + at Google


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