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It’s better that you’re not always happy. You need to have something to strive for and lookhappy-couple @ forward to.

A few years ago, I was working with a couple who were having marriage trouble.  As we came to the end of the sessions I asked them to rate the current state of the marriage and the where they would scale it in the beginning.  0 was terrible - we need a divorce not a counselor and 5 was amazing - we need a honeymoon not a counselor.  Either way I was out of their life.

I think we will never be perfect.

When the time came to share the scores he was a bit apprehensive.  She rated things at first a .5-1, he had rated it a 1.  But the current score was not a close.  Excitedly she showed me her 4.5 to 5. She was thrilled to say that things had really turned around and that they were better than ever.  

His current score card had a very timid 3.5 - 4.  When he showed it, I thought he was preparing to be hit by the recoiled body language.  She was a bit taken back and gasped at the low score, but then he explained.

Every day is a new 5 

He said that there were times when the relationship hit what he felt was a 5.  it was wonderful and then after few days it seemed to slide back to a 3.  At first he was upset by this, worried that the marriage was not fixable.  Then he stumbled into the greatest truth I have ever heard and something that we can apply to every aspect of life.

He said that "you can never maintain a 5 and to try is futile and frustrating." He continued "after a few days at the new level, the new 5, I realized that I was becoming complacent and that it was not as bright anymore. That is when I needed to work hard to reach the new 5."

Have you settled and are no longer reaching for 5's

As the new week begins and you head out into the world, look at your 3's and 4's.  Were they once 5's and you need to set new, higher goals.  Never let one summit keep you from achieving even greater heights.

By Brett M. Judd LMSW Follow him at Google + at Google


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