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There Will Be Calls - Always!!

You have to follow up, and you must make the call.

This is the very reason that I am driving the car in the picture and not the one I test drove 4 months prior.  You see, I never got a call back.  Here's the story,

In August of 2012 I was ready to get back into the sports car world.  It had been ages since my wife and I sold our last Fiat 1800 Spider.  There came a point when a 2+2 sports car with a roll bar taking up the majority of the back seat was just unrealistic with one car seat already and another about to be added.  Fast forward 20 years and the time was right for a renewed investment into the fantastic world of two seater sports cars.  I was finally having to transport only one child to school, and the majority of the time it was only me.  The van and the Lincoln were just too much. And really a VAN?  Needless to say,I had been bitten. I was wasting time on the internet classifieds, and looking at spect sheets.  As the time went by, I was quickly experiencing what Napolean Hill taught, I was moving toward that which I think about most.  

In 1996, when the BMW Z3 was introduced as the new James Bond car, I fell in love.  The smooth lines, the classic look, and a 2.8 litre engine in a less than 2000lb car is amazing. So really, there was no option. I started looking in the online classifieds and I new my price.  Then there it was.  A racing green, tan top, 2.8 litre, Z3 right on a lot here in my town.  I took it for a test drive.  Oh that was amazing.  The acceleration, the handling on a mountain road I looped and all without the salesman since he let me take the car alone.  When I rolled back into the lot, I was ready to buy.  In my mind I was finding the money in any pocket I could.  I could not believe how amazing the feeling was to have the top down, the stereo up, and the looks.  There really is something about it when the driver of the car next to you turns and looks at you with that "Oh, WOW!" look.  I wanted that everyday.  I needed that shaped leather bucket seat and the responsive transmission, not to mention that hidden little button that lights up the engine and transmission into a performance mode that I hope my kids never find.  

So why is my car silver and not green?  Simple.  The salesman never called me back.  I stopped in 2 times.  I gave him my card with private phone number and email.  I wanted him to check on a noise I heard.  HE NEVER CALLED ME BACK!  I got tired of waiting. The car sat there.  I am sure the price dwindled as the months went on, but I was not the destined owner.  Instead, I continued to watch the regional classifieds and then it happened.  This silver 2.8 for half as much as the one I test drove was posted a day before. In less then 2 hours I was picking up my son at high school and we were on our way.  Three hours later, he was negotiating to be the one to drive it home.   

By Brett M. Judd   SteadyTIDE Marketing and Success Coaching


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