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Are You Attracting All You Can?

I have been listening to a lot on attraction and Mindset lately and I came to a realization the other day picking pears. Vision, dream, thought are all good, but not without action.

Napoleon Hill's great quote from Think and Grow Rich has a very compelling secret in it often overlooked by readers of the book or folks wanting to believe in the Law of Attraction.  Hill states, "We move toward, and become like that which we think about most."  How profound and true these words are but yet how misunderstood by many who want to achieve greatness.

The though came as I was working Saturday in the orchard.  I have often referred to our orchard for points of motivation and change, but this was a time of clarity unlike others.  While I was picking the 4-5 bushels of pears from our two tress, I realized that in the spring when I pruned those tress, and all summer as I watered I was actively participating in the Law of Attraction and manifesting my harvest.  Every time I went out to the orchard and I looked at the blossoms and I pulled out dead or sick branches i was manifesting the outcome of the harvest.  I was moving toward the outcome I wanted most - a nice crop to store away and feed my family.  What I realized is that while I had envisioned as nice crop and I had put out my desire and intention into the universe in the Spring by pruning the trees, I also set in motion through my action a series of outcomes that never would have happened if I had only looked at the orchard and waited for the harvest.

What I learned about this universal law is that no amount of attraction would happen if all I do is vision and dream.  Even if nature had produced a nice pear crop, those pears were not going to pick and bottle themselves.  They had to have action taken on them to manifest the full outcome.

I believe that to fully realize the Law of Attraction we must do as Hill states and that is MOVE.  We MOVE toward.  We BECOME.  These are powerful action and change words.  In order to fully move and become I must also release and leave.  To fully attract the greatness that we seek, we must drop all past belief and fear that is contrary to our desire.  We must move toward the type of person we wish to become.  If there is any questioning, any doubt, then there will not be the ability to fully manifest.  If there are chains binding to a past belief or fear, we can not move.  These must be released and sometimes relationships severed that are holding us back from achieving our full potential.

So, as you start your new week, I challenge you.  What have you attracted to yourself, and what do you really want?  If you truly desire that thing, than what have you let go of to achieve it.  What have you sacrificed that will now free you to attract the thing you most desire?  Have a great week and may it bring you the success and mastery you most desire.


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