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I realized this morning that for most of us denial is a state of daily existence!

Isn't that really where a lot of us live - in denial?  Looking at Facebook and listening to the news this past week has again reaffirmed to me that many are living in utter and complete denial that we are all at the helm of our own ship.  We are at the drawing board and creating the blueprint for our life.  It is not the Government, our parents, or even the lousy fact that I still live in Idaho and not on Maui. No. In the end it is up to us to choose how we look at reality.

Gina and I were headed to Chicago last week.  We were really looking forward to this trip.  Apparently, Mother Nature had another idea.  Waiting for our plane to load, we watched the news in dismay as a major storm loaded with tornadoes was barreling down on Chicago.  After numerous delays lasting two hours, the flight was cancelled as everything in the Chicago area was grounded.  We attempted to make a new flight but the reality was the trip was over.

In these moments we have two distinct options.  We can go into a rabid state of panic and denial throwing tantrums, spreading our disappointment all over anyone we contact.  Or (the better option) practice emotional flexibility and mental elasticity that allows for change in circumstances out of our control, and acceptance to situations even when we have some control.  Sure the disappointment is still there. But how you deal with it is entirely up to you.  The end result is the freedom to adjust and adapt without the hysteria that ultimately results in hurt feelings and unmet needs.

As a result of the grounded flights, Gina and I missed a meeting.  There will be more.  But the best part is that we were able to spend 3 wonderful days with family, I took my youngest son SCUBA diving at a local lake, and spent a wonderful time writing a new book and loading content into  There are always options and alternatives.  Getting so focused on only one outcome will lead to misery and heart ache.  Coaching and Neuro-Balancing are excellent tools to develop mental flexibility and find freedom in life.  Call Brett or Gina Today.  208-232-2263.


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