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I heard back from my post yesterday about making an extra $3000 a month, every month.  The first was "but my business is different. I do not sell tacos".  "I'm a Dr., I'm a counselor, I'm a .... " I get it.  Your special, but your customers and clients are no different than any other business.  As business owners we all need to get people in the door. We must get them to give us their money, and we must get them to do it again and again.

So who can use the $3000 monthly increase in their income?  All of us in business.  And here is a really simple way to adjust the model to your customers.

I have several friends who are "in business" for themselves.  I will discuss a few of these.

1.  Pool and spa supply service.  I have a hot tub.  I love it, but I hate maintaining it.  I forget it.  If this business were to offer me a $20-30 a month hot tub maintenance program I would likely take it.  They could come to the house for a just a few minutes a month, check my chemical levels, adjust as needed and leave.  If I need chemicals, they let me know and I buy the needed chemicals from their online store.  They bring it the next time they come to check my spa.  The real benefit to me is that I can now use my tub without having to worry, and I know that the professionals will keep it where it needs to be.

2.  Another friend does an amazing job installing and finishing hard wood floors.  He did an amazing job on my office floor. I noticed a few days ago that the floor is looking used.  It does not have that incredible shine that it did when he finished it.  Under the area where my chair is, it looks like maybe it could use a new coat of shiny stuff he applied.  That is the technical term for the non technical.  So what if my friend were to offer a $25-30 a month floor maintenance package.  I could have him (or a worker) come in and spend a few minutes each month touching up the areas of heavy use.  These areas would never look dull, and I would not have to think about it.  This simple up-sale at the time of resurfacing or install would guarantee a residual income and a regular supply of referral as people gaze at the shining floors in all of his customers homes.

 3.  Lastly, I have a friend who is a massage therapist.  He is amazing.  I would love to have him in my office, but he has his own.  So, what if he were to offer a $30-40 45 minute massage a month or even a weekly package at a prepay, automatically debited cycle.  I buy 1 a month or 1 a week depending on my budget and desire.  He knows that he is booked for the month with those pre sold appointments and I have to remember to go in.  For a simple $30 a month commitment, I know that he is going to reserve a space for me, and I can benefit from the relaxation and health benefits of massage every month.  Throw in referral bonuses and special offers to any of these and you just established a steady and regular stream of income that is predictable, growable, and constant.  

I encourage you to look at your business.  We all have a service or product that we can automate and build this simple service.  How would your business benefit from such a system? I can only guess that it is an increase of better than 25% for many. Imaging what an extra $40,000 at the end of the year would do to Christmas at your home.

Until June 1, we have set the subscription rate to very low and we have made it incredibly accessible for any business.  Too low really.  But I want to see my friends succeed. To get a system that will do everything that I have shown here would less than $50 a month depending on your list size.  Is there a marketing or advertizing platform you use now that can automatically turn a $3000+ profit for your business for as little as $50 a month.  Not likely.  Not only is this affordable, but your customers will thank you for the convenience and ease of getting their needs met.

Go to and get a special bonus.  But act quickly as that site will be coming down on June 1.  

Dedicated to maximizing your success,



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