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What would an extra $3000 boost do to your business each month?  For some it is the difference between staying open or closing.  And the reality is that most businesses are leaving it sitting in the pockets of customers who would gladly hand it over.

With the automated systems of, such a boost in income is not only possible, but automatic.  Want to know how?

Look at your customer base.  How many of your regular customers do you see at least 1 time a week, maybe more?  Now consider how many more would come in if they had an incentive.  And is what I am discussing.  An incentive and rewards program that encourages participation and guarantees you a boost in you top line income every month - BEFORE you ever deliver your product.

I was in a  friends restaurant  yesterday, and I realized that if you added up the visits either me or my wife makes to his store, we likely average 3 visits a month.  He is a perfect candidate for a rewards system that would guarantee he had my money and I came in.  Likely with a friend.

Here is how you can create this boost in your business next month.

In the store the business owner creates a monthly purchasing club.  For my friend, he would make a lunch a week club.  Sell it for just under the cost of four lunches from the menu.  Maybe 10%.  In this case, the most expensive small combo is around $7.  To increase to a large combo would be extra.  He charges me $25 a month for the prepaid meal plan, and I get one of those lunches, up to a certain value, each week.  So he gets $25 of my dollars on the first of every month and I get an I.O.U. that I can redeem if i remember to go in.  The automated email system can send me reminders, but it is up to me to cash in. But, he really wants me to come in.  

It is also not likely that I will dine alone everytime, so my friend can assume that there will likely be a 25% increase when I come in with a friend.  My friends meal, my upsizing to a large drink, etc.  Now if he were to add random email specials like a free upsizing, or 2:00p.m. half price tacos to clear out the end of lunch, fill the space in the dead afternoon, and bump the income in the afternoon when everyone is tired and hungry, and the $3000 goes up. Not only does it go up, but it goes up predictably. Add a birthday freebie bonus and you have just automated yourself into regular and predictable income.  In both of these special offers you will sale a drink at least if not a whole meal to the friends that come in as well.

The real beauty of this system is that the entire thing is run automatically from one single platform.  Once the system is built, you never have to think about it again except to add a special coupon here and there to boost profits.  All of the income is coming from regular loyal customers who want to give you their money anyway.  You are just making it easier.  So why $3000?

If you have just 100-150 regular customers commit to give you the $25 at the first of each month that is a minimum of $2500.  Then there are the upsales and the friends.  Add that to the pre paid plan and you are now well over the $3000.  When you then add the special offers and surprise coupons you just tipped the scale to close to $5000 if those same 100 customer came back for a meal on the coupon.  It did not cost you anything but the subscription rate of and for a list as small as 150 customers the monthly rate is less than $50. Where will you be able to get $5000 in guaranteed sales in an automated system for less than $50 a month?

To get started with SteadyTIDE go to and get in for 15% off the regular prices to start out.  

15% off the automated system and a $3000-5000 boost in your monthly revenue.  What a steal.  


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