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SHHH - DON'T Tell my Wife, I'm in another relationship.

Yeah, you heard me, I am nurturing multiple close relationships.  Not only that, but I am doing it with the same skills it takes to keep my wife happy with me. That's her below. I know, gourgeous.  You're probably thinking what a slime. Keeping other relationships alive when he has her to be with.  I guess the craziest part is that she knows and she encourages it!!

my hottie-cropGina is probably one of the best marriage therapists in our area and no one understands the dynamics of the adult relationship better.  In our weekly web discussion "Connection Corner" She and I share the fundemental truths of developing and maintaining quality relationships that have meaning and longevity.

In one video recording session I realized that when done correctly - these are the same rules that will propel any business from just a supplier of goods or services to a real friend, trusted part of life, and someone that our customers want to do business with.  We were discussion the dynamics of attachmant and how to create healthy and resilient attachments.  As she was talking about the the 3 rules for powerful relationships, I saw that there is no difference between a healthy marriage and a healthy client relationship.

These 3 rules are also the very same rules that have brought a significant amount of money to my mechanic.  I was always one who worked on our cars and could not stand to think about spending "THAT MUCH MONEY" to have someone else do it. Then I major repair in the cold of winter required I take the car to a mechanic.  My sister told me about her mechanic and that I needed to try them.  Now, I have put away many of my tools and I enjoy the time I spend with MY mechanic.

In the FREE Report "3 Rules to a Better Relationship", I take the "A.R.E. your there for me?" fundementals to a vibrant marriage and show you how these same rules will increase client/customer retention but also lead to greater lead conversion and word of mouth referal. A.R.E. you there for me is really a fundemental question taht all of our clients are asking.  And it is the very reason I continue to go back to MY mechanic.  They got the car in fast, did amazing work.  Communicated with me the entire time, and when I got the bill I was not floored but I was grateful.  

Complete the form below and get your copy of "3 Rules to Better Relationships" today and start experiencing better profits tomorrow. When you apply the "rules" as outlined in the workbook we are confident you will see an increase in your bottom line by at least 25%.  That might be worth the few minutes t takes to read it, so don't delay.


Brett M. Judd

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