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Social "NOT"working, are you serious?  Yes, I am serious. As serious as those insane chocolate eclairs popping up on everyone's walls, or as the various memes about Obama and Hitler being the same person.  If your time at "work" includes cruising social media with your marketing message at the ready, searching for opportunities to strike, you are likely NOT working instead of NET working. In the words of Marketing and Sales guru Brian Tracy - "is what your doing RIGHT NOW, making you money?" If not, your NOT working instead of NET working.

I subscribe to and follow A LOT of social media bloggers and entrepreneurs for 2 reasons.

1. I like what they provide

2. I like to learn from what they are doing.

And in reading their posts, one thing stands out very clear to me: there are those who are selling and those who are not.  Many have a clear and distinct message. "I am here to give you usable information in the expectation that you will buy the rest of my product."  The others also are clearly there to spread their message, but they are missing 3 distinct components that could help them utilize Social Media to it's fullest.

1. Does the message you post make the reader ask "WHY?" and "HOW?" with such urgency that they search the page to find where to click for the offer?

2. Is there an offer? (Yes, there must be an offer. Because if you are not asking for money, you are not really doing business.  Ultimatley, social media marketers are in it for the same thing: we must pay the bills, and when possible, go on vacation!)

3. Is your message crafted such that it is hitting the right reader? I have seen Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN posts that are all exactly the same, and I have been folly to doing this myself. The truth is your message must be crafted in such a way that it reaches the reader.  The message that arrests the attention of the professional on LinkedIN likely is different than message that will appeal to a casual Facebook reader, so you MUSR CRAFT YOUR MESSAGE TO EACH SPECIFIC READER. 

One of the great things about is that you are able to easily craft a message and post it to all of your social networks without ever leaving the SteadyTIDE environment.  Not only post, but get real useable analytics of the effectiveness of your message.  Google and Facebook do not offer the same tracking. 


In the end, all messages must deliver a clear call to action and a request for something in return for the the informatiopn you provide. Below is your opportunity.  If you haven't yet taken my offer for a copy of the Success Strategies work book, here's your chance!  And if you get it now, you will receive a link to 15% off for 3 months.  Not bad. A free resource to increase business todday, plus a time-limited chance to take 15% off the current (and very low) rates to get the most powerful business application available! The 15% ends the end of this month and all rates will rise June 1, 2013. Don't wait.

Please send me the 5 Success Strategies Workbook.

I am excited to implement the strategies and see new success coming into my own business and receive periodic email updates about other stategies I can implement to make my business grow. 


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P.S. Beginning June 2013, Brett will start his SteadyTIDE Marketing Strategies Webinar series for subscribers of If you join now, at the-pre June pricing, you still receive all the benefits of the webinars and the "Load and Launch" marketing tools. 

P.P.S.  Did you know that we are so confident that you will see growth and success that it is even gauraneed.  We do not want you to risk. Try it. Use apply it.  You have 60 days to see results or we will pay you back. See the details at                                             



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