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We can all make a change that could be the million dollar decision.

The following is a portion of the transcript from an interview I recently did as part of an entrepreneurial success project.   Maybe it will unlock the million dollar barrier in your business.

How do we work smarter and not harder?

Simple.  Systematize, prioritize, and delegate.

Young entrepreneurs are terrible delegators.  They think they have to do it all. The worst are those who are great technicians as Michael Gerber discusses in e-Myth. “No one can do it like me” or “no one understands” is the destroyer of productivity and potential.  As soon as you learn how to delegate the tasks that take away your time and energy, the faster you can get to the creation.

Fiverr is a great resource for this. From logo design, transcribing, intro/outro creation, and much more, there are professional people out there willing to do the work for you – with you.

Another real need is to get a solid full functioning CRM early.  I didn’t and it hurt me. I was juggling training event registration, lead lists, customer follow-up, and so much more with Google calendars, docs, excel, and building web pages and opt-ins forms in two separate systems.  Needless to say, I was wasting more time than I needed to because I did not have a system.  That is when I had the opportunity to brand a CRM system and created  Not only do I now have every system I need fully integrated, I can take the system out to other entrepreneurs and get them moving as they need to be to save time, sanity, and make money.


How do we stop celebrating “being busy” and glorifying it to others?

CREATE!  Busy is the hamster in the wheel. They are always moving but they never get anywhere. Entrepreneurs do this. They run and move with the veracity of a rabid skunk, but they create and contribute nothing of substance for it.

Quite simply the answer to this is in the question we just discussed.  Delegate the tasks that are making you run so crazy and prioritize the things that must be done against the things that can be delegated to Fiverr and others.  Also, in your CRM, automate as many tasks as possible.  Auto-responders with information packets and recorded messages save you time from answering the same questions over and over.  Work-flow reminders can trigger you (or your delegate) to make a call, send a personal email, or any other action to address the lead and customer.  Busy is the enemy of productive.


How do we make others feel important by simply focusing on them and not letting digital distraction invade our time?

Wow, there’s a question.  My wife Gina and I have a program – “Fortunes and Families” at We focus on building “Marriages Worth Millions”.  It is interesting, but the same techniques that make a marriage thrive are also the same skills that will engender loyalty and respect from your customer and employees.  We teach the iC.A.R.E. method.  This is I have - Choice, Accessibility, Responsivity, and Engagement through Compassion, Attentiveness, Respect, and Excitement.  If we apply these same principles to home and business it is amazing what happens to the relationships.

Dan Kennedy said at the 2007 InfoSummit that the reason Master Minds and large events are so important is that creativity and productivity thrive when we are in social environments.  What he was getting at is that we, humans, are social beings.  Even the most introverted person will have social network albeit digital. When we engage our families, and our customers in a personal and a genuine way, we engage them and show them we are attentive and responsive to them.  This can be through text, Facebook, etc, but the more personal and genuine the better.

What I see as the real issue here is the distraction that digital media can provide.  Because the entrepreneur can get so task focused and driven, the brain will seek any diversion possible.  YouTube, Facebook, and any other digital outlet from the grind will serve to shut down the entrepreneur.  This is why it is so important for us to prioritize and compartmentalize, as well as delegate.  This allows us to focus on what is most important. One way that I do this is by scheduling my social media posts through my SteadyTIDE CRM.  This way I can do the work I need to in the compartmentalized time to do my social media writing without getting sucked into the vortex that these sites can be.  This boundary to my time allows me to stay focused on what is most important.

I hope that answered the intent of the question.


What’s the best way to stay focused by working at home?

Plan. Many coaches have their own way of saying it, but you must write out your plan, divide out your day, prioritize tasks, and execute according to that plan.  Nothing gets in the way.  If it is not written it won’t happen.  If you don’t schedule, you won’t execute.  If you don’t set boundaries you become rudderless and moveable.

Task lists, deadlines, micro steps, accountability partners all work in our favor and allow us to turn off later because we are done.  This is the difference between sprinting inside the hamster wheel and standing outside the wheel giving it a few hard pushes from time to time.



Working to bring you a SteadyTIDE of customer and profits,

profBrett M. Judd MSW, CEO of SteadyTIDE and lead training at SteadyTIDE University.


P.S. Do you have the 5 Success Strategies eBook​? Download it here. 


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