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Happy Birthday son.

That's a great thing to here from your dad.  Especially on your birthday.  That is what he said yesterday when he called and chatted with me.  Then he went on to ask me, "what are you doing for you?  For fun? Amid all the writing and marketing and trying to get more clients, what are you doing for YOU?"

Sad part was, I couldn't say.  I wanted to say that the writing and the thinking were for me.  I enjoy it, but it is still work.  I love to weld, sew, SCUBA, and cook in dutch ovens but I have been so driven by the quest to help others through my writing and my speaking that I have totally lost touch with what I love to do. This is a real problem for many entrepreneurs and business owners.

Rejuvenation is the key to generation.

Taking time to distance ourselves from work and recreate is a fast and simple way to increase our productivity.  I love the old saying, "all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy".  Dull as in mental processes as well and fun.  What are you doing to rejuvenate yourself?

In the quest for greatness comes the important task of personal care.

Get out, walk around the block, play a game of basketball, or do anything, but daily we need to put down the work, and pick up the play. 

Wishing you a SteadyTIDE of customer and profits,

Brett M. Judd MSW



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