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I was recently in a conversation with a start-up owner about the benefits of SteadyTIDE and the response was chilling and one that every start-up owner should consider.  When I discussed the suite of business organizing features and the way that a systematized operating system would enhance and streamline her business, the response was either a direct reflection of inability to sell SteadyTIDE, a nice brush-off because they were going another way, or, what seems to be the case more often than not, a complete short-sighted view of what she needed to build the business.  The response was simple and one that many of us in business have said, "I don;t think I can afford it, until things get moving.  We aren't really making any money yet."

The problem that many start-up's face is similar.  Capitol outlay for branding, brochures, flyers, and everything else above and instead of the backside operational systems to capture and manage leads and prospects.  Burn out is a real issue in the start-up phase and can be greatly reduced if the creators will implement some strategies to streamline and capture leads and customers.  

SteadyTIDE is a powerhouse for any company, but with our micro plans that start at $35 a month and give you access to nearly every aspect of the system, no start-up should be without the webhosting, email marketing and auto-reponder follow-up, simple online sales platform, and event planning to highlight only a few.

Before we had SteadyTIDE, I was continually juggling between paper sign-up forms, Excel spreadsheets, Google docs and calendars, and in the end I was losing leads and not capturing my herd.  All of the effort I was making to get out was wasted by my lack of a fluid system. SteadyTIDE is the answer and at a $35 a month starting point, no business cannot afford it.  Most of our users are at $99 a month and have access to every system in the platform.  It is a critical piece to the management and marketing of you business as well as the capture and nurture of leads.

If you are looking for a way to save time, make money, and recognize the power of a systematize sales and marketing process tha you are ready for SteadyTIDE.  Contact us at and one of us will answer any question you have.

Wishing a SteadyTIDE of customer and profits,
Brett M. Judd

P.S. To get the $35 a month micro plan just use the code starter when you sign-up for your membership and select the base $99 plan, the discount will be automatically applied. 


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