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Have you ever heard that.  Me too.  I remeber working as a kid and thinking "I'll just take a little break, it's hot out." and then came the call from mom, grandma, or whomever happened to be in charge. Now, I can add to the statement "I get to work!!"  and I am excited for it.

Running my own business with my amazing business partner (and wife) has been a real challenge, and what I have found is that I spend more time doing the mundane, tedious tasks that don't bring in the money that my training and expertise can.  Accounting, note entry, feedback and follow up are all vital parts of a thriving business but as a mental health therapist and Licensed Master Social Worker, my real expertise is in buiding relationships, helping folks over come mental illness, writing about and working with families, and generally helping people thrive.  No one taught me about lead generation, conversion, and continuity in grad school.  I've had to gain an entirly new "masters" in marketing and business.  Talking with my sister who runs a salon in town, the same is true for her and other entrepreneurs I know.  At one point or another, the running of the business was taking them away from the ability to run the business that they wanted to do and are expert at. is the answer that Gina and I were searching for and I believe it is the answer Gina was lead to for us, and for you as well.  Finally we have all the neccessary systems in place to make running the business a breeze and we are able to get back to what we know best. has allowed us to establish several automated communication systems and lead capture/conversion mechanisms that take the headache out of runnin the business.  And it is now allowing me to assist other entreprenuers to thrive in their own market and enjoy working again.

Because it is all managed from one unified system, my client data is more secure and their privacy is protected.  Having one system for accounting, another for email, and yet another for marketing and mailing left us open and vulnerable.  Now, I can easily control the activity and the data in my network and control access as needed for those helpinng run the business.  We have implemented the strategies disccussed in my Success Strategies workbook and that has made a huge impact.  I'm giving it free here  Those who download the report are also given a bonus code for a great deal on a SteadyTIDE/com membership.

This morning, I found myself tired from a late night, but also saying to myself "I GET to go to work!"  We have clients coming and a waiting list, I am doing what I love the most, and the system is quietly working in the background as a personal assistant.  To hear more about you can call 208-881-5131. The recorded message explores more of the features and there is no obligation to speak to anyone. has not only been a great resouce for us, but it is beginning to turn the businesses around for many in our circle of contacts.  Isn't it time you took advantage of the power a unified integrated business management and marketing vehicle can provide.  There has never been a more demanding time to run a business and you need every advantage you can have to enjoy it.  Learn more or just say "I'm ReadyTo Get Back To Work (doing what I love)" at . Early adoptors of the sytem will be getting special pricing that ends June one.  You will get all the same benefits but at a better price.  Do not delay as this is a great opportunity to participate in the monthly success strategies webinars and the monthly "Load and Launch" marketing email package that will give you a ready to customize to your business and send out to your market and see the profits come in. Get SteadyTIDE now and beat the competition to the mark.

P.S. Don't forget there is a 60 day money back gaurantee.  See for details.

P.P.S. That bonus I mentioned.  15% off your first 3 months with the code included in the Success Strategies workbook.

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