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Why SteadyTIDE?

Doing the busy-work for you so you can enjoy your life

Hi, I'm Brett M. Judd, owner of SteadyTIDE.  I was dumbfounded one night and ready to give up. Running our counseling and coaching business and trying to organize training events was becoming to overwhelmiming. Like most small business owners, the agency was too small to really warrant much staff, but it was at critical mass for what we could do ourselves while still meeting the clients needs.

SteadyTIDE's mission is straightforward. To help you Attract More Leads, Convert More Prospects, and Retain Loyal Customers with less stress, easier work, so you can enjoy life again all while:

  • Save Time automatically by integrating contact data, CRM, email marketing, website traffic, and more without any extra steps
  • Save Money by reducing the number of subscriptions a company needs to manage their sales and marketing
  • Increase Revenues by making the sales and conversion process simple. Customers will return, and leads will convert faster. 

SteadyTIDE is the only CRM that combines all of these together in to one platform:

  • Sales (contact data, CRM data, sales pipelines, research tools, invoicing)
  • Marketing (email, websites, events, social media, surveys)
  • Operations (projects, e-commerce, fundraising, calendaring)

Because SteadyTIDE is perfect for a multi-user environment, it's easy to manage your team.  You can control who does what, protecting data and streamlining how people work.

SteadyTIDE is growing fast due to our one on one mentoring and coaching, along with making it easy for you to mold our application to meet your organization's demands.


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A note from Brett, Founder and Lead Trainer
with SteadyTIDE

     Hello and welcome to SteadyTIDE. If you have read any of these pages you have likely read the bold statements that I promise you'll find SteadyTIDE's suite of tools and the mentoring/coaching we provide valuable or I will pay you back. Why am I so sure that I am willing to do this? Well, I am not just the founder of, but I am a user of the tools and marketing. When our businesses dropped just the monthly expenses of website hosting and email marketing, and survey's, and we implemented the strategies provided in SteadyTIDE Marketing, we saw costs go down dramatically while at the same time saw more income and steadier flow of income than ever before.

     The question is, who benefits? Simply stated - Any business owner who values their timerecognizes the potential of a systemized process, and is forward thinking enough to recognize the best system available will appreciate that will allow them to focus on their craft, and not just running a business.  is a platform and model to launch from, not a destination. Our clients are driven, and focused business owners who value their time and money enough to recognize that investing in the best possible tools and mentoring is the only way to succeed.  They value the one on one attention I provide personally (and with my support team).  They value the once a month webinar coaching sessions and resources that guide them through development of marketing campaigns that will truly turn a profit. And they revel in the fact that all of this is implemented through one integrated system that provides freedom to begin living life again. 

     I promise you will not find a more committed and dedicated staff to meet your needs and to see that you succeed. Not only will you receive the most powerful business tools available, but depending on subscription level you will have access to:

  • A monthly webinar on strategies for marketing with the system,
  • A special members only newsletter full of resources dedicated to your business development and success.  Not theoretical processes, but tried and proven methods of marketing your message and how to utilize the system so that you can. 
  • We will also include sample templates for web pages and emails along with ideas for the lead capture forms that will bring you the best success.

     We have worked with Social Workers, Counselors, Realtors, Hair and Nail Salon owners, Contractors, and a whole host of other business owners, and one thing is true for every one of them,  each and every one of them valued their time and the ability to do their "craft" over doing business.  Further, they each recognized that these two ideas were not the same and were burning out on doing business when what they wanted to do was their craft.

     If this is you, then I am thrilled to have you on board and will do everything I can to assure your success with the system.  Sign-up. Joining is free.  It is fast, simple, and when you sign up you will receive a guide in your email that walks you through the process of getting your feet under you and starting to build your first SteadyTIDE business. 

     Something else I get asked is, what's up with the name.  Well, SteadyTIDE implies the steady and constant flow of the tide that creates the life of the oceans.  A steady flow of information out returning with a steady tide of qualified and ready customers. A SteadyTIDE. 

     So join the family of SteadyTIDE businesses.  You won't be sorry. 

Working with you soon,




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Why SteadyTIDE?

  • Website Hosting
  • HTML Source Editor
  • Email Marketing
  • E-store
  • Direct Mail
  • Surveys
  • SMS Notification
  • Team Coordination
    and so much more...