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Tools For Speakers and Coaches

Building a website, managing your social media, creating opt-in and autoresponder systems, scheduling and promoting events, creating a booking calendars, and managing you contact lists of clients and prospects has never been easier.

SteadyTIDE provides you with the automation and easy that no other CRM, Email Marketing or Survey system can.

Unlike the CRM giants like InfusionSoft, Zoho, and others, SteadyTIDE is easy to learn, simple to implement, and more comprehensive then anything else available at this time. 

Speakers - easily build your Bio and One Sheet page, embed video and podcasts, write and manage your blog, and build attractive events pages where your attendees can easily register and pay for the event . No more guessing who will show or if they have paid.  Attendance lists are automatically generated.  Your speaking contractor does not have a system? You can up-sale them and provide the scheduler system for them. Our survey system allows you to create feedback surveys that are compiled into easily assessed reports.  Email or embed in a webpage.  The scheduler can automatically send attendance certificates and also pre sale your books and other materials before you ever arrive. 

Coaches - need to develop a members only training site. SteadyTIDE webpages can easily be set up to be "members only" with group or individual password.  Wiki page, forum, group collaboration, and email marketing and auto-responder is all part of the SteadyTIDE experience.  Use the survey system as a prescreening assessment tool to determine the "fit" of a prospect into your group.

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Why SteadyTIDE?

  • Website Hosting
  • HTML Source Editor
  • Email Marketing
  • E-store
  • Direct Mail
  • Surveys
  • SMS Notification
  • Team Coordination
    and so much more...