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You Never Called Me Back!

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Like the line out of a cheesy Romantic Comedy, that sentence - "You never called me back!" is heard more often in the minds of would be costumers every day than you could ever hope to have.  

Recently, Gina and I were looking for a newer car.  Newer, because I am a firm believer in letting someone else drove off the new car depreciation.  We drove 3 different vehicles in a week and talked at length with 2 sales people. That was 3 weeks ago.  Now it feels like a 1 night stand and I am lonely.  I really thought we had something and that there was a connection.  Now, no call, no email, not even a thank you text.  

Is it really that hard to reach out?

Apparently it is and millions of dollars are lost because of it.  How much of that it yours?

Customers are just like a spouse.  They need to be nurtured and repeatedly cared for In a good and successful marriage the couple are skilled in answering a very simple question.  This question is the very same as your customers are asking you.  It is the question that I can most assuredly say that the local sales teams are not able to say yes to.  The question?

"A.R.E. you there for me?"

How do I be there for a customer?

In today's online and mobile world, the ability to stay connected, nurture prospects and even re-ignite leads has never been easier. Here are 3 that you can implement today and likely see an increase in return tomorrow.

1. Call them.

Yes in the world of text and instant message, we all want the fast impersonal way out.  But, that is what it is.  Fast, impersonal, and a way out.  Selling is a personal business.  It always has been and it always will be.  It does sot matter the industry, we are all in sales.  Selling happens in a person to person manner.

2. Email/text auto responder.  

Anymore this needs to be an automatic no though event.  With affordable and powerful systems like SteadyTIDE creating an automated autoresponder data base for text alerts, and email marketing.

Case in point.  3 years ago I was looking for a small sports car.  I love the BMW Z3.  Older, but classic style.  A lot in town had one.  I drove it, loved it.  I gave my card to the lot owner.  He was going to contact me about a couple of questions I had.  I NEVER HEARD FROM HIM.  The car sat there for over a year.  

With the 3 cars we recently drove, anyone of these sales people could have put my email into a list and started sending me information on buying a used vehicle, getting the most out of my used vehicle to sell or trade, how to spot a great deal, and so many others.   Problem is, I have not heard from any of them.  One lot I have been back to 3 times.  I am working harder to buy their cars than they are to sell them to me. 

Autoresponders and triggered workflows are an amazing way to create near instant business.  Add a phone call in there and your bound to close more deals. 

3. Old Fashion appreciation cards.  

We all used to get them.  Grandmas birthday card with the $5 in it.  We loved them.  I found a bunch or appreciation cards in a drawer a few weeks ago and instantly found myself back with those groups who I trained and remembering what a life changing event it was.  

While there are system out there and wonderful programs to earn money and make cards, I am a fan of the simple, elegant while embossed cardstock with real handwritten words.  Even as bad as my handwriting is, they have great ROI. They are simple, clean, personal, and inexpensive.

"ARE you there for me?" is more than something that the heartbroken sweetheart asks in the rainstorm on the silver screen.  ARE you there for them is the question I am asking you and telling you will increase the cash flow in your pocket tonight. 

Making Businesses Worth Millions
Brett M. Judd MSW
"I Don't Care...I Choose." because "A Carefree Mind is an Abundant Mind".


Brett M. Judd MSW is the owner of SteadyTIDE CRM.  He writes, speaks, and coaches on business success for Fortunes and Families. You can learn about him and download a free MP3 training at

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